Yoga For Thyroid

Many of us have seen people with extreme high energy and their ability to do work is really high whereas on the other hand there are some people who are very lethargic and find it difficult to complete their work on time. This all is due to their rate of metabolism. Metabolism is controlled by functions of various hormones present in our body.
If these hormones are released in excess or if are released in a small quantity ,both can cause serious illness. One of the hormone is thyroid.
If thyroid hormone is produced in excess then it is called hyperthyroidism which leads to increase in appetite, but the person remains skinny and thin, becomes short tempered and irritating etc.
If thyroid hormone is produced in lesser quantity then it is called hypothyroidism which leads to decrease in appetite, increase in weight ,lethargic ,weakness, bulgy eyes, constipation ,dry hairs etc.

Yogic therapy for Thyroid

1. Sarvanga asana

2. Matsaya asana

3. Inverted pose

4. Surya namaskar

5. Pawan mukta asana

6. Yog mudra asana

7. Supt vajra asana

8. Kandra asana

9. Greva asana

10. Sigh asana

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