Above is the ongoing class schedule at our Noida Sector 122 Spiritual Yoga Centre. We have different type of classes

1.  Regular Classes: It includes asanas, Pranayam, and meditation. This class is best for beginners, old age, child and people having sedentary jobs. These classes are customized with Asanas to reduce weight and cure diseases. Therapeutic yoga helps to overcome stress, anxiety, and tension.  Many benefits have been confirmed from these batch students’ having BP problem, diabetes, thyroid, and back pain.

2.  Advance Yoga Classes: This class is for the intermediate practitioner, who wants to achieve advanced asanas. Body balancing asanas, back bending asanas, body stretch with the proper knowledge of alignment, will help you to achieve further advanced asanas.

3. Yoga Teacher Training Course: Want to be a certified yoga trainer globally then this is the right platform. The certificate is worldwide valid and ISO certified which makes it more valuable in India and abroad as well


The above time schedule may change as per requirement. Please contact us by calling or Whatsapp to join the classes.

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