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As I write this message, there is much change and promise of progress and development around us. There are fresh faces heading our government and we expect rapid growth in all areas, as the development sector continues to do its best for bringing about social change in India. Joining hands encourages volunteers to contribute their time, skills and energies to enhance the work being carried out at the grass root level. We are happy to record that in this year since our inception, we have grown from placing a handful of volunteers/interns with partner NGOs, to forging new collaborations, partnerships and programmers in order to strengthen our volunteer programme. Young people are the strength and as set of a nation, and it is in the age bracket of 18-35 years that the maximum
number of our volunteers/interns come. The largest number of these are
postgraduates who have contributed to programmes that fitted their
specialization or abilities best. Their contribution directly impacts the lives of many with whom they interact. It is heartening to note that the ratio of
women volunteers/interns is steadily increasing.

Our mission is directed towards bringing about positive social change. Through our training workshops we influence volunteers and groups/communities within which they work, and encourage them to contribute to the development sector. By consolidating activities and expanding our collaborations, we strive to add value to the work of partner NGOs. I would like to thank all our committed volunteers, partner NGOs, supporters , trainers and the joining hands for all their hard work and dedication, in particular Spiritual Yoga Ashram (SYA) staff and my
fellow trustees. Best wishes….

Thanks & Regards,
Mr. Saurabh Kumar
Spiritual Yoga Ashram (SYA)


Name of the Organization
Spiritual Yoga Ashram (SYA)


•To work for promotion of Yoga, Naturopathy and Health
treatment for peace among peoples welfare and development.


•To uphold the human dignity of the marginalized, oppressed
and displaced of India through a process of Yoga, socio-cultural
value additions, economic and social empowerment.


To provide health education and training specially in Yoga,
Naturopathy, natural science and organic agriculture and also
operate and provide Certificate and diploma courses and training.
 To work for promotion of Yoga, Naturopathy and Health treatment
for peace among people for their welfare and development.
 To arrange Yoga Camps, Blood Donation Camps, eyes and Health
Check up camps, Rehabilitation Camps and centers and specially
support to involve all the plans and program of the central and state
 To Provide Education and training in yoga and provide Certificate
and Diploma courses.
 To organize Yoga Seminar, Events, Programmes, campaign
Worldwide etc…


The Organization used to select the area after visiting
the area and diagnosing the problems that too may be
depending upon the information collected by the way of
observation, questionnaire, discussion with the local
leaders,discussion with the people etc. Project
formulations are been done by the expert of the
Organization and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) has
been adopted for taking any decision about the
programme activities. During the implementation stage
the society used to direct
implementation with the help of community or village
committee. Monitoring and evaluation of the progress
and impact of programme depends upon the nature of
the project.


•Health, Especially Yoga, Adolescent health, Reproductive
and Old Age and Child Health.

•Non Formal Education & Awareness

•Skill Development Program

•Mother and Child HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention

•Cultural Program

•Child Rights and Child Labour Prevention Program

•Income Generation Programs
•Vocational Training & Skill Development Program

•Legal Awareness Program

•Micro Finance & Self Help Groups




SYA conducted blood donation camp in Noida and Haridwar in the month of April 2014.

Facts about blood needs

  • Every year our nation requires about 5 Crore units of blood, out of which
    only a meager 80 Lakh units of blood are available.
     The gift of blood is the gift of life. There is no substitute for human blood.
     Every two seconds someone needs
     More than 38,000 blood donations
    are needed every day.
     A total of 30 million blood components are transfused each year.
     The average red blood cell transfusion is approximately 3 pints.
     The blood type most often requested by hospitals is Type O.
     Sickle cell patients can require frequent blood transfusions throughout
    their lives.
     More than 1 million new people are diagnosed with cancer each year.
    Many of them will need blood, sometimes daily, during their chemotherapy
     A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood

Organizing blood donation camps is the perfect way to cater to the demand of
blood. Everyone wants to contribute towards the society and save lives. SYA, as a
camp organizer, gave everyone a chance to do so. Organize these camps regularly
and bring smiles to many faces. Spiritual Yoga Ashram took an initiative to
conduct a blood donation camp in some areas like noida and Haridwar. Many
Young people, male and females also took part and happily donated blood for the
needy. This camp was conducted for a week in the month of April 2014.


SYA conducted free yoga camp on INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY which was conducted at various places Delhi and Noida. On 21 June 2014 this day was celebrated.

Saurabh Yogi imparted free training of individualized yoga to hundreds of people
at a yoga camp in progress from June 17 to 21 at his yoga centre C-5 sector-56
Noida and in Delhi aswell, from 5.30am to7am and 6pm to 7pm.
Reacting to the planned International Yoga day on June 21 in the city, he said all
365 days should be yoga days. Instead of 23 yoga programmes , it would be better
to hold one big show with live telecast for the benefit of the masses, he added.
"Our rich treatise of philosophical and cultural traditions, nurtured by visionary
yogis, saints and sages are based on some eternal humanitarian values, which
have been influencing the world since ages. Yoga and nature cure practiced in
ancient times had now found fancy of the Indians and the world," he observed.


SYA conducted educational awareness programme in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh. SYA makes the parents to understand the value of education and benefits of being educated. Camp was conducted in the month of September 2014.

We believe education is the greatest gift that one can offer to a child. Our
education awareness program has spread the light of awareness among children
who were otherwise drifting to a aimless un productive life. This program has
offer new hope and confidence among children who could be productive member
of the society.


Free Yoga Camp for working professionals was conducted by SYA in the month of November 2014.It was conducted in Noida ….

Sedentary lifestyle of people living in the metro cities leads to different kinds of
diseases at a very young age. This may be high blood pressure , Diabetes,
Depression, Hyper tension ,thyroid, obesity etc..but regular practice of yoga can
help to come over these disease and can help to maintain healthy life.Spiritual
Yoga Ashram took the initiative to help the people of metro cities by conducting a
free yoga camp in their locality and make them understand the benefits of Yoga.


Female education programme conducted by SYA in various parts of UP to spread the awareness among the people specially of rural areas and to those who are below poverty line. This programme was conducted in the month of January 2015.

Female education is a catch-all term for a complex set of issues and debates
surrounding education (primary education, secondary education, tertiary
education, and health education in particular) for girls and women. It includes
areas of gender equality and access to education, and its connection to the
alleviation of poverty. Also involved are the issues of single-sex education and
religious education in that the division of education along gender lines as well as
religious teachings on education have been traditionally dominant and are still
highly relevant in contemporary discussions of educating females as a global


SYA conducted free yoga camp in various schools of Noida and Delhi. This camp was conducted in the month of February 2015.


We are behind our vision (dreaming together for a better world for all), mission and objectives to eradicate poverty, exploitation and illiteracy and to establish a society base on the value of equality, justice, democracy and brotherhood. We are in a very urgent and serious need of your co- operation, financial support, guidance and blessings. We hope that your support, guidance and blessing will boost up and inspire the spirit of our organization to achieve our goal. Thanks Mr. Saurabh Kumar President Spiritual Yoga Ashram (SYA)

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