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The word ‘YOGA ‘comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which means ‘to Yoke’ the spirit and physical body together. Patanjali’s famous definition of yoga is “Yogasya Chitta Vritti Nirodhah”, which means “Yoga is the removal of all the fluctuations within the mind”. In pursuit of a stable mind, body and spirit one practice the art of yoga. Yoga though is a part of our ancient heritage has great use in modern life which is full of turmoil. Each one of us seeks happiness in things which are very short lived and like a desert mirage keeps running away from us. Yoga helps us to calm our imbalanced mind and shows us the path to attain eternal bliss devoid of anxiety. With this objective in mind we at Spiritual Yoga Ashram aim to share and promote “the science of yoga” to all those students who are keen to understand and imbibe the key to a healthy mind, body and spirit.
Spiritual yoga Ashram is an organization which is registered by the Delhi government since 2012.Registration no.307/2012.
Spiritual yoga ashram has presented the different dimensions of yoga in an interesting and impressive manner to the society and has attracted people towards it by adopting the traditional yoga in the modern environment. They are well propagating it on national and international levels.

The main objectives of SYA(Spiritual Yoga Ashram) organization are:

1. To increase interest towards yoga among people across the world
2. Acknowledge the people about the vast benefits of yoga 3.Training of yoga
4. Research in yoga

Important work done by SYA(Spiritual Yoga Ashram) organization:-

1. To impart health related information to common people in the field of yoga.
2. To do research work in the field of yoga.
3. To co- ordinate & integrate the different ways and postures of yoga.

4. To co-ordinate within the nation and internationally to bring about the best for the benefit of the society.

Main functional of the SYA(Spiritual Yoga Ashram) in the present scenario:-

1.To standardize the ways and curriculum of yogic teaching and training.
2. To provide facility / facilitate the training of yoga and popularize it through media.
3. To organize yoga sessions and workshops and popularize it on national and international level.
4. To collect the information related to yoga and publicize/advertise the existing information.
5. To provide the maximum physical and mental health to people through yogic medication.
6. To lives. In their yoga class a deep connection is being made with their body, mind and soul which in return opens up a connection with the world of possibility, and this energy of possibility and transformation is then taken into their everyday lives. Hence Communities are becoming fit and better equipped to live longer, more fulfilling lives.

SYA (Spiritual Yoga Ashram) MISSION

Our mission is to enhance students and communities through Yoga. By emancipating these practices our students are discovering that anything is possible. The knowledge they get on their yoga class are playing out in their day to day lives. During yoga sessions, students make a deep connection with their body, mind and soul. This connection opens up a world of positivity and possibilities, and they take this energy of positivity and transformation into their everyday lives. Many people perform and believe that Yoga is a way to stay fit. However, yoga is more than what it is generally seen. Each and every Yoga asana enhances your body and mind in a holistic way. Yoga gives relief and cure physical ailments, mental stress and eventually makes you a better human being physically, mentally, socially and then spiritually. Yoga calms your state of mind and lets you connect with your spiritual world. Yoga also helps you identify you the real meaning of life. Most people still find it hard to believe the importance of Yoga but it has certainly changed the life of millions of people worldwide. Due to the tremendous positive effects on the mind , body and soul . Yoga has become popular in every corner of the world. Any other form of exercise focuses in any one part of the body whether it will focus on physical fitness or mental fitness but yoga is the only form of exercises which focuses on the overall fitness of the human being making them physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

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