Yoga for Headache

One of the most common disease found in this fast growing world. Headache can be of many types which may include chronic headache, acute headache which may leads to fatigue, epilepsy and unconsciousness sometimes which can cause serious problems like Brain tumor and meningitis etc.

Yogic therapy for curing Headache

Many types of headache like Migraine, Chronic headache etc. can be fully cured with regular practice of Yoga.
1. Niti and Kunjal kriya of the Hatha Yoga is the base to give relief from Migraine and many other types of headache. If Hatha Yoga is done at the initial phase of Migraine then it gives instant relief.

2. Pawanmukta asana type-1

3. Surya Namaskar

4. Prayanam- Mild Bhastrika prayanam

Naadi Shodhan Prayanam

Bhramri Prayanam

5. Yog Nidra

6. Meditataion

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