Yoga for Sciatica Pain

1. saral bhujangasana (easy cobra pose)
2. Ardha shalabhasana ( half locust pose)
3. Sarpasana (snake pose)
4. saral dhanurasana
5. Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
6. Shalabhasana (locust pose)
7. Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose)
8. Ushtrasana (camel pose)
9. Bhu Namanasana ( spinal twist prostration pose)
10.Marjari asana (cat stretch pose)

If you practice only these 10 yoga asanas daily you will feel that your back pain has completely gone and you will live happy and healthy life without any back pain.

A particular kind of pain in the leg associated with the disease or injury of the intervertebral disc. It is usually felt as a pain which runs down the leg, beginning from the buttock then travelling down to the back of thigh and then below the knee.Later on it may even reach to the ankle or to the foot. Some loss of feeling and numbness may also be felt. The pain and loss of feeling can be traced to the nerves trapped by the collapse of the disc at the point where they exist from the spinal cord. Backache often produced in such a situation is called Sciatica. When sciatica is felt, the area of nerve root pressure will be in the lumbar region at the bottom of the spine.

Yoga practice for Sciatic Pain :- According to the yoga therapy, when you have backache or Sciatica pain you should start doing only backward bending yoga asans like

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