Spine care

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The main cause of cervical spondylitis is the stiffness in backbone and neck for a long period of time.
Pain and stiffness in neck and shoulders which causes headache are the symptoms of cervical spondylitis. The pain radiates from shoulders to the hands if it pertains for a long period of time. Movement of neck becomes difficult. Dizziness and some sort of sound in ears is generally felt in the disease.
Yogic Therapy
Yoga asanas can give ample of relief specially when it is diagnosed at early phase.
Asana: Pawan mukta asana type 1
All types of neck rotation exercises
Vajra asana
Bhujang asana
Shashank-Bhujang asana
Aakran asana
Dhanur asana
Makar asana Prayanam: – Nadi shodan Prayanam 1 and 2

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