Yoga For Arthritis

Swelling , pain and inflammation etc. in the joints is called Arthritis. Joints of hands and legs are kinds of synovial joints. It is one of the common disease found which makes the body paralyzed. Everyone out of 10 person is effected by arthritis these days. In America , 1 crore 30 lakhs people are effected by arthritis.
Arthritis is a kind of disease of joints which slowly and slowly paralyze the body especially legs and hands. Pain in joints, redness, swelling, hotness whereas difficulty in any kind of movement. Buttocks, knee, ankle are the most effected parts of the body in arthritis. Stiffness in the toes etc. is also seen.

Types of Arthritis

a) Acute Arthritis

b) Osteo Arthritis

c) Rheomotoid Arthritis

d) Gaut

Among the above, the most severe are Rheomotoid Arthritis and Osteo Arthritis
Yogic Therapy
Asana:- 1. Pawan mukta asana
2. Shashank asana
3. Majri asana
4. Shashank-Bhujang asana
5. Dhanur asana
Surya Namskar – Daily 6-12 times
Hatha Yoga :- Shank prakshalan, kunjal and Niti process
Prayanam:- Udar Shavasana, Nadishodhan, Bhastrika Prayanam

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