Yoga for Constipation

Due to sedentary lifestyle constipation, indigestion have become a part of life of most of the people these days .Due to inappropriate treatment of this problem people suffer from constipation till months and years. Due to this ,they feel impure and heavy which leads to decrease in immunity and many other types problems.
There are causes of Constipation like

1. Sedentary life style

2. Loss of physical exercises

3. Bad food habits

Yogic Therapy

1. Surya Namaskar- 12 times daily

2. Asana: a) Pawanmukta asana type -2

b) Crow walk

c) Trikona asana

d) Hal asana

e) Taad asana

f) Triyak taad asana

g) Kathichakra asana

h) Bhujang asana

i) Triyak bhujang asana

j) odaar asana

k) Matsya asana

l) Mayor asana

3. Meditation : Kumbhak Prayanam, Maha mudra prayanam and Bhastrika Prayanam
4. Mudra: Paschimi Mudra, Yog Mudra , Aswini Mudra, Uddiyan bandh and Maha bandh

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