Yoga For Diabetes

Diabetes is the most common disease seen in today’s world which is effecting the people of all age groups ranging from 33-65years of age and nowadays it is also seen in small children also.
Diabetes Millets is a metabolism related disorder in which cells becomes inactive to digest glucose produced in the body and it is released out of the body undigested along with the urine.
There are many factor responsible for it like obesity, excessive eating , lack of exercises, eating of high carbohydrate food items like sugar, sweets, chocolate etc. Tension is also main cause of diabetes.

1. Excessive Thirst

2. Frequent or increased urination, especially at night

3. Excessive hunger

4. Fatigue

5. Blurry vision

6. Sores or acts that won’t heal.

Yogic therapy:

1. Pawanmukta asana Type-1

2. Pawanmukta asana Type -2

3. Vajra asana

4. Cleansing niti process

5. Shava asana

6. Surya namaskar

Prayanam:- NadiShodhan Stage1-3 Prayanam
Bhramri Prayanam
Bhastrika Prayanam
Meditation is also the best remedy to cure diabetes

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