Yoga Teacher Training Course 300 Hours

This course is the secondary level course i.e Intermediate level.You can increase the number of students you train by completing our 300 hour course. Teach your students more aasans than they have already learnt from you.

Learn more advance aasans and surprise your students with your knowledge. In this course you will also learn the art of acupressure and massage therapy. With the knowledge of acupressure and massage therapy you can help your students during your yoga sessions and to those who have chronic body pains.Every organ in the human body is directly related to special points of your palm and sole. Acupressure is a reciprocal transfer of energy between the points and the elements.Hence energy flow is related to these elements and points by pressing them in a proper way.


To complete this course you should have completed a 200 hour course from either SYA or any another certified organisation. In case you haven’t, enroll yourself and complete our 200 hour course and then sign up for the 300 hour course.

Duration 300 hours: This course will be conducted 6 days in a week for one and a half month.

Location: Our locations are serene locations hand-picked by the SYA members. Some of the sessions are conducted at places like Rishikesh, Mcleodganj, Goa, Kasaul etc. Call us to get more details.

Accommodation: Your accommodation will be at one of our affiliated ashrams or hotels (depending on location). We also provide food and transport facility from ashram/hotel to Yoga centre and back.


1. Yoga Sutra.

2. Hatha Yoga.

3. Ashtanga vinyasa Yoga.

4. Diet And Prana.

5. Yoga Therapy.

6. Marm Therapy.

7. Meditation.

8. Panayama.

9. Ayurveda.

10. Yoga Teaching Methodlogy.

11. Yogic Philosophy.

12. Teach Spirituality With Spiritual Masters.

13. 50 Aasanas

Fee: Six week (300 hrs) 2000 USD

Fee Including:
1. The Prices include full yoga tuition,

2. Meals in a day 3 Veg meals.

3. Wi-Fi free is not mandatory.

4. One or two time tea or black tea.

5. Room Accommodation, Air con.

6. Yoga Course material,

7. Cleansing techniques (Shatkama Kit),

8. Ayurvedic massages Class Free.

9. We offer, one day out tour.

10. We are organized Practical & Theoretical exams International yoga teacher/Yoga Master Diploma.

Notebooks, any other local travelling or sightseeing otherthan one day out tour and other items of personel use will not be provided to you.

Daily Time Schedule:-

05:00 Am Wake Up
05:45 Am to 06:00 Am Mantra Chanting Class
06:00 Am to 08:00 Am Yoga Practice (Yoga Aasana & Paranayam )
08:00 Am to 09:00 Am Karma Yoga ( Selfless Service)
09:00 Am to 09:30 Am Breakfast
10:00 Am to 10:45 Am Theory Lecture -1
11:15 Am to 12:00 Am Theory Lecture -2
12:15 Pm to 01:00 Pm Lunch
01:00 Pm to 03:00 Pm Resting Time (Self Study)
03:00 Pm to 03:15 Pm Herbal Drink
03:15 Pm to 04:00 Pm Theory Lecture -3
04:15 Pm to 06:00 Pm Yoga Practice (Yoga Aasana & Paranayam )
06:45 Pm to 07:15 Pm Mantra Chanting / Meditation Class
07:30 Pm to 08:00 Pm Dinner
08:15 Pm to 09:00 Pm Meditation/Yoga music & Bhajans/Sanskrit Training /Group Discussions.
10:00 Pm Bed Time.
At the end of the program you will receive a Level 2 Trainer certificate from SYA to enhance your own practice.

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