Corporate Yoga

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Stress Management

Stress is one of the most common type of mental issue which mostly people face these days. People working in corporate are suffering from stress these days. Many corporate are working for the health benefit of their employees by proving many stress management techniques like Yoga sessions, Pranayama sessions , Meditation sessions, Physical exercises, music meditation, internal healing , chat sessions and many other different type of activities involved. Spiritual Yoga Ashram provides stress management to different corporate and organization. Special Naad yoga sessions are also provided by Spiritual Yoga ashram.

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Spine care yoga

The main cause of cervical spondylitis is the stiffness in backbone and neck for a long period of time. Pain and stiffness in neck and shoulders which causes headache are the symptoms of cervical spondylitis. The pain radiates from shoulders to the hands if it pertains for a long period of time. Movement of neck becomes difficult. Dizziness and some sort of sound in ears is generally felt in the disease. Yogic Therapy Yoga asanas can give ample of relief specially when it is diagnosed at early phase. Asana: Pawan mukta asana type 1 All types of neck rotation exercises Vajra asana Bhujang asana Shashank...


Corporate Retreat

Corprate Retreat Spiritual Yoga Ashram provides retreat yoga specially for corporate. Corporate retreat is done mostly on weekends , as it does not affect their work . These retreats are generally done in Rishikesh, Dharamshala , Binsar, Nanital . These retreats include meditaion and pranayam sessions in the morning in the lap of nature. Followed by trekking to Himalayas or to the water fall . In the evening many sports activity and yoga sessions are arranged followed by dinner which contains everything grown organically. Before sleeping Naad yoga Meditation session is performed....

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Office Pranayam

Corporate Office Pranayama Every Organization wants their employee to be fit, mentally and physically both but the story is quite different. Most of the employees are suffering from some or the other kind of stress and strain due to their sedentary lifestyle, odd working hours and tough competition. Spiritual yoga ashram provides a wide platform to come over all these problems and face the challenge with double power with the help of corporate yoga classes which is given at all India locations. Corporate Yoga is being widely adopted by many progressive businesses around the country...

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